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Offering a performance guarantee on services we provide is something we pride ourselves on. We can confidently answer this question due to our systematic approach in developing a process that confirms when something is clean.

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You not only have access to our site supervisors, our general manager but can reach the owner who is actively engaged in the daily activities to meet your needs. Day or night.

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Industry Experts

  • Wichita CourthouseWichita Courthouse
  • Omaha AirportOmaha Airport
  • Seymore AFBSeymore AFB
  • Grand IslandGrand Island
  • Charles Evans Whittaker U.S. CourthouseCharles Evans Whittaker U.S. Courthouse
  • Roman L. Hruska Federal CourthouseRoman L. Hruska Federal Courthouse

Service & Performance

Full Janitorial
As a full-service janitorial company, we offer a wide range of cleaning options- from dusting and mopping, bathroom cleaning to using industry advances in technology and environmental best practices.

Facility Management
We focus on the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure as a whole and develop services that support your organization in a performance-based, cost-effective manner.

Floor Care
We have developed techniques and utilize the latest products and equipment to maintain the natural beauty of both hard and soft composition floor surfaces.

Ground Maintenance
Not only will we keep your building clean on the inside but we can keep the grounds around your property looking its very best.

Equipment Maintenance
Our building maintenance engineers provide you with skilled equipment and machinery knowledge and access to experienced tradesmen that offer a variety of skills and services to your meet your building maintenance needs.

Remodeling/Clean Up
We are certified under the Corps of Engineers and provide a full-service waste collection and recycling system. We will work closely with you to ensure your new tenants receive a renovated floor or room that is completed on time and ready to be occupied.

Green Cleaning
We offer a proprietary standard of operation procedure to green cleaning, as well as a full line of eco-friendly janitorial supplies.

Trash Hauling
We provide the labor, equipment and trucks.


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