Proven Processes

To guarantee our services, L&J has developed systematic and standard procedures for everything we do.


Our proven seven-step system provides you with a consistent quality of service each and every day:


Hiring. When we recruit, screen and hire, we look for a certain level of experience, work ethic, character and attitude. We always seek to partner with hard-working, like-minded individuals who pride themselves in the work they do, regardless of the task. Every new employee undergoes a pre-employment screening, which includes a criminal and civil records check and an optional motor vehicles report (upon customer request).


Training. All of our employees are recruited, hired and trained by ownership or project managers. Each employee undergoes an extensive training program – which doesn’t stop once work has started. And our ongoing evaluation process ensures that employees stay focused, productive and engaged. In addition to our training and education on standard work practices, each employee receives safety-related training on:
– Safe working practices
– Chemical and hazardous materials
– OSHA standards
– Industry-specific training


Management. When you hire L&J, you are hiring professionals who truly understand what it means to deliver consistent, high-quality services. We have the experience and track record to show we know what we are doing and pride ourselves on the management team we have available to provide services to you.


Service Skills. We train and develop staff who:
– Demonstrate effective public relations skills
– Understand and can follow written rules, procedures and regulations
– Are prepared to respond properly during stressful situations.


Skills/Performance. Our training is usually one-on-one or in small groups and usually carried out by ownership. We ensure that every new employee, experienced or new, fully understands our policy, procedures and expectations before starting work on the contract. Performance evaluations through building inspections and performance logs are maintained for quality control.


Initial Start-Up & Walk-Through. On all new projects, we complete an initial inspection and allocate team assignments. We also review the level of services we are providing with staff and make any necessary adjustments to achieve our high standard of performance.


Communication. To manage workloads in every location we serve, communication from top to bottom ensures that we operate in an effective and efficient manner. This important daily procedure is one we make available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Consistent Quality of Control. We adhere to our own internal performance guidelines and conduct frequent inspections, by management and ownership, to ensure performance standards are achieved as promised.


Rapid Respond. If there is an emergency or you need additional services not prescribed in the contract, we are available 24/7 to help you. Should you become dissatisfied with a service, we will quickly resolve the issue to your satisfaction.